2021 Prospects Who Impressed This High School Season

The 2018-2019 high school basketball season is coming to an end and it is about time for the AAU circuit to begin. Looking back from the beginning of the year to the end, I began to look back at who impressed and stood out in the sophomore class throughout the year. The 2021 class is not neccesarily a deep one, but there are certainly some high level players who will continue to approve, grow, and only get better as they move on in their high school careers

PG Devin Askew of Mater Dei High School (CA) – Devin Askew, the 6-foot-2 point guard out of Cali, is one of the elite players in this sophomore class. Playing for famous Mater Dei HC Gary McKnight, the sophomore has had to grow up very quickly as Mater Dei has always played a tough and competitive national schedule. Devin is a fearless player and holds a lot in his skill set. One of those skills include his quickness and his playmaking abilities and just the way he controls the offense. Askew has a very quick first step and is able to penetrate the lane to suck defenders in. He is also a comfortable shooter from beyond the arc and once he is giving space he will not hesitate to rise up for that jumper.

2020 PG Devin Askew of Mater Dei High School (CA)

F Jonathan Kuminga of Our Savior New American (NY) – The 6-foot-8 sophomore sensation has been on the rise and one of the most exciting sophomore prospects to watch this season. Kuminga has certified himself as a top-5 prospect in the 2021 class. He is a physical forward whose has added strength to his body and it shows. Shooting was the knock on him at the beginning of the year but he has showed improvement on that and has been more confident game in and game out. Jonathan is able to use his strength inside the paint as well and is able to draw the fouls against his opponents. He is arguably the number one player in his class but as his high school career goes along, it will not be a surprise if he takes control of that number one rank.

2021 F Jonathan Kuminga of Our Savior New American (NY)

W Jayven Millien of Riverview High School (FL) – Probably one of the most non talked about prospects I have seen this year was 6-foot-6 wing Jayven Millien out of Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida. The junior wing has a lenghty and linky physical built but also holds supreme athleticism. Jayven is a perimeter shooter who is capable of spreading the defense with his shooting. He has a nice release on his jump shot for sure and he can get hot from outside in a heart beat. Millien is a passionate and competitve player once he steps on that floor and will not back down from anyone who is across from him. With him only being a sophomore, he certainly has more room to grow but his upside is sky high.

2021 W Jayven Millien of Riverview High School (FL)

SG Trevor Keels of Paul VI (VA) – Trevor Keels recruitment has picked up rapidly throughout the high school season and once you watch him in action then you will understand why. The 6-foot-4 two guard holds a big body frame that keeps his defenders off of him most of the time when guarding him. Trevor is a tremondous open court playmaker and also a lockdown defender on the defensive side of the ball. Keels can also step outside and hit a few jump shots as well if you need him too. He has been impressive all season long with his backcourt teammate 2022 PG Dug McDaniel and has led a very young Paul VI (VA) squad to an impressive season. Keels will definitely bring his momentum into the AAU season and show the nation why he is one of the best in his class nationally.

2021 SG Trevor Keels of Paul VI (VA)

PG Danny Stubbs of Pebblebrook High School (GA) – Here is a kid whose recruitment should pick up even more once the AAU season begins. Most of you have probably have yet to hear about Danny Stubbs this year and that is because he has not become a national name just yet. Danny is a 6-foot-0 point guard whose game has improved greatly over the last year or so. He is a do it all type of point guard whose athleticism will surprise you. Stubbs is able to read the defense and has the vision to find open teammates. The jump shot on him has improved as well and he has become more confident in scoring. He is not afraid to get physical on either end of the floor and holds great hands on the defensive side of the ball to force turnovers. Remember this kids name during the AAU circuit.

2021 PG Danny Stubbs of Pebblebrook High School (GA)

F Joshua Taylor of Greensboro Day (NC) – Josh Taylor of Greensboro Day (NC) is another under the radar prospect in the 2021 class, for now that is. The 6-foot-8 forward is a rebounding machine and has that physical presence in the paint. The Atlanta native transferred into Greensboro Day in North Carolina and also reclassed from 2020 to now 2021. Joshua gets most of his buckets down low in the paint and off lobs. He holds long arms and is a powerful finisher around the basket. Taylor is also a mobile big man for his size and runs the floor extremely well. Since being at Greensboro Day, Josh has seen his recruitment rise and as it should.

2021 F Joshua Taylor of Greensboro Day (NC) photo by Phenon Hoops

W JT Thor of Huntington Prep (WV) – JT Thor has seen his stock rise over the last few months and it has been well deserved. He is a versatile 6-foot-8 wing who can play multiple positions if you ask him too. He is a left handed guy, which makes him more difficult for him to be guarded by his opponents. JT is a high major athlete with a very high winspan. His arms are extremely long and that assists him on both side of the ball. He is able to create his own shot off the dribble for a 6-foot-8 guy and has a nice stroke and release off his jump shot. Getting his body right will be something he will have to improve on of course but it is without question JT is a special player and is currently top-10 in the sophomore class.

2021 W JT Thor of Huntington Prep (WV) photo by Ty Freeman

SG Chance Moore of Holy Innocents (GA) – Sophomore Chance Moore burst onto the scene after his tremondous performance at one of the nations best showcase events back in November, Holiday Hoopsgiving. After his stellar performance, the 6-foot-5 shooting guard seen his recruitment start to come to life after receiving offers from schools like Auburn, Xavier, Georgia, and others. Moore is a solid two-guard whose mindset is focused on getting buckets. He is an elite scorer who can make a basket from all three levels and has the size to do so. Chance is somewhat long but not fully but that does not make him what he is today. The recruitment for the young sophomore should continue to grow as he will be playing with the Georgia Stars (GA) in the Nike EYBL circuit this AAU season.

2021 SG Chance Moore of Holy Innocents (GA) photo by Ty Freeman