Which Prospects Have Had Stock Rising Spring Seasons?

Spring is nearing an end and the 2021 grassroots season has been back in the swing of things after not really having any events last spring due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. A few prospects have boosted their stock throughout the last few months across the country and below we take a look at which prospects have boosted their stock this spring.

2022 SG Shaedon Sharpe (Dream City Christian, AZ) – Shaedon Sharpe has arguably had the biggest stock rising type grassroots season regardless of class. Over the last couple months, Sharpe has performed extremely well at a very high level and at a consistent rate. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard has caught the eyes of national media and NBA personnel. After dealing with injuries throughout the 2020-2021 high school season with Dream City Christian (AZ), Shaedon has just been scratching the surface on what could be his full potential. He has been able to display his ability to create his own offense, hit shots off the catch or bounce, finish through contact, elite athletic ability, excellent body control, and above the rim highlight plays. He has had a couple eye popping type performance already with UPLay Canada EYBL.

2022 F Noah Clowney (Dorman, SC) – The 6-foot-9 forward Noah Clowney, out of South Carolina powerhouse Dorman High School, did not come in with much national attention this spring but has earned his recognition with his consistent play running with Team Dickerson (GA), one of the top independent AAU programs in the nation. Clowney was one of my potential stockrisers coming into this AAU season. At his size, he is a consistent rim runner, holds a nice versatile game, has shown he can connect on perimeter shots, length allows him to alter shots and/or block them, and effective on the glass. Since March, Noah has picked up multiple offers and interest from colleges. Schools like Appalachian State, Providence, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Georgia, and Tennessee have offered.

2022 SG Amen and Ausar Thompson (Pine Crest, FL) – The Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar Thompson, out of Pine Crest High School in South Florida, are coming off their state championship run during the 2020-2021 high school season. They have taken the nation by storm with their “must see TV’ type performances running with one of the nation’s top independent AAU programs Florida Pro (FL). They are both extremely dynamic wings with nice size at 6-foot-6. High versatility, explosiveness, and elite athletic ability are just some of the features the Thompson twins have in their game. They can literally do it all when they are on the floor. Both Amen and Ausar play with high motors, can pass fairly well, make plays, finish at the rim, defend positions 1-5, rebound, and capable of hitting perimeter shots. Now their perimeter shooting is their biggest weakness as of now but they both have an amazing feel for the game.

2022 F Kyle Filipowski (Wilbraham and Manson, MA) – Kyle Filipowski did not really have much buzz nationally coming into this grassroots season but has gained and earned so much attention this spring. The 6-foot-10 forward has a pro like game already and will have NBA personnel all over him from now on until the possible 2023 NBA Draft. Already at 6-foot-10, Kyle is an extremely skilled prospect. He holds a natural feel for the game, can handle the ball like a guard, has a very high IQ, highly versatile, rebounds at a high rate, makes his impact on the defensive end blocking or alternating shots, and able to hit perimeter shots as well. Filipowski already has the type of game bigs and/or forwards in the NBA have in today’s game. A stretch four type of forward that can play some three and possibly the five position if a team decides to go small. Miami, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Stanford, Syracuse, Indiana, and others have offered since March.

2022 SG Anthony Black (Coppell, TX) – Anthony Black has for sure been one of the biggest stock risers in the 2022 class this grassroots season. The 6-foot-6 shooting guard has earned offers from Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Iowa State, NC State, Ole Miss, and Creighton so far since the end of his junior season at Coppell High School. Black, who runs with one of the nation’s top independent AAU programs in 3D Empire (TX). He holds next level size, displays his different abilities to score the ball, a perimeter shooter, athletic, and an excellent in transition. Anthony will be able to space the floor with his shooting abilities at the next level. He is a competitor who plays with a great motor and will make winning plays for his team. Anthony should receive much more attention from college coaches and scouts over the next few months and going into his senior season. A versatile scoring two-guard should also move up in the 2022 rankings.

2022 SG Keyonte George (iSchool Lewisville, TX) – The 2021 class had Jaden Hardy as the top scorer in that class and now I believe the 2022 class can claim Keyonte George as the top scorer in the class. George is already considered a top-5 prospect in the loaded class but has been playing like he should be in conversation as the number one ranked prospect this spring with Souther Assault (TX). The 6-foot-4 guard has already had multiple outstanding performances where he scored at least 25+ in a single game. He has shown all his elite scoring attributes consistently since the end of his junior campaign at iSchool Lewisville (TX). He is able to play at his own pace, score from all levels on the floor, continue to draw contact, and his rebounding ability has gone unnoticed. George is a very alert defender as well and has been so much more active on the defensive side of the ball. He is for sure in conversation as the number one prospect in the 2022 class.

2022 G Quante Berry (Winston-Salem, NC)
2022 G Quion Williams (Mansfield, AR)
2022 G Otega Oweh (Blair Academy, NJ)
2022 PG Jaden Clayton (Dream City Christian, AZ)
2023 F Scotty Middleton (Patrick School, NJ)
2023 F Justin Edwards (Imhotep Charter, PA)
2022 SG Emanuel Sharp (Bishop McLaughlin, FL)
2022 PG Jazian Gortman (Keenan, SC)