Top-10 Overall High School Prospects? Cooper Flagg, Simeon Wilcher, Ian Jackson, and More

There are multiple talented high school prospects posted around the country as we all know. From the 2023, 2024, and 2025 class currently and with the class of 2026 coming into their freshmen seasons to start their high school careers officially for most. Some prospects are obviously more talented than others. I was recently asked who are my current top ten overall prospects with one bonus prospect who I believe is underrated regardless of class on the national level. In no specific order, these prospects on this list are based on the long term potential and could see themselves at the highest level playing in the NBA very soon.

2025 Cooper Flagg (Montverde Academy, FL) – Maine native, Cooper Flagg, has just taken the nation by storm since early spring and has blossomed into one of the most intriguing long term prospects we get to see grow at least over the next few years. Flagg, a 6-foot-9 forward, is still very young, but holds a unique set of skills already. NBA scouts have already put tabs on him, especially after his incredible outing out in Spain with the USA U17 National Team who secured the gold back in July. He is able to score from all levels, holds elite defensive instincts, has that next level wingspan with his long arms, utilizes his length mostly on the defensive end, and plays with poise. Cooper has been very impressive with his pace and high IQ also as a young sophomore. He certainly fits the modern versatile forward in today’s NBA but certainly will have some growing to do as he attends powerhouse Montverde Academy for the rest of his high school career.

2025 F Cooper Flagg at the 2022 Nike EYBL Peach Jam

2023 G D.J. Wagner (Camden, NJ) – DaJuan Wagner Jr., son of former NBA player DaJuan Wagner, has been one of the most talented overall prospects since he was in 8th grade. The New Jersey native is one of the most electric players in the country and is the certified number one overall prospect in his class. The 6-foot-3 guard holds an outstanding scoring package and is extremely difficult to stop one-on-one. Wagner has the ability to always beat his defender off the dribble getting to the rim. He holds elite quickness, ball skills, shot creation, tight handles, and consistently finishes plays at the rim while taking contact from opponents. Although he is an elite prolific scoring guard, Wagner Jr. does not receive as much credit on the defensive end as he should. He is a very active defender and holds quick hands to effect passing lanes. He is a shifty guard and has the score first mentality, but he has shown recently he is able to make plays for his teammates around him. Could D.J. Wagner continue the legacy of his family and make an appearance in the NBA?

2023 G D.J. Wagner at the 2022 Nike EYBL Session in Louisville

2024 SG Ian Jackson (Cardinal Hayes, NY) – Ian Jackson is the next big name to come out of the mecca New York City and out of the Bronx. Jackson is arguably already considered the number one overall prospect in that loaded 2024 class. He holds positional size, lengthy arms, and an already mature skillset. He is currently sitting at 6-foot-6 and could even be measured taller than that with his lengthy frame. He holds incredible scoring skills and is able to score on all levels of the floor. Ian is an explosive athlete, can instantly create his own offensively, and is very unselfish when it comes to make plays for his teammates. Jackson was recently apart of the USA U17 National Team that secured the gold medal in Spain alongside Cooper Flagg and D.J. Wagner. NBA scouts and personnel are already keeping Ian on their radar for the future. His combination of skill and size should grab the attention of every NBA team over the course of time.

2024 SG Ian Jackson in the 2022 Adidas 3SSB

2023 PG Simeon Wilcher (Roselle Catholic, NJ) – The future North Carolina Tar Heel, Simeon Wilcher, cracks the top ten overall prospects regardless of class. Why? He holds a phenomenal combination of size, skill, and athletic ability at the point guard position. Wilcher is a 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6 point guard and should be another elite long term prospect as long as he stays on the right track. What makes him such an interesting prospect, is not only his size, but his passing skills and reads when making plays for his teammates. Simeon is one of the most competitive prospects in the entire 2023 class and has an argument to be considered the number one player in his class. Outside of his elite passing, vision, and playmaking skills, Wilcher is an outstanding defender, can score at will at any moment, and is elite when getting downhill. He has also been improving on his all around jump shot and should be even better as times goes along.

2023 PG Simeon Wilcher Junior Season Highlights

2024 F Liam McNeeley (Montverde Academy, FL)Liam McNeeley is another one of the uniquely skilled prospects apart of that loaded 2024 class. The Dallas native showcased his skillset in front of more than a dozen NBA scouts this past July at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam down in North Augusta, South Carolina. McNeeley is a 6-foot-9 extremely versatile forward and already has proved why he could be a potential NBA prospect as the years go by. At his size, he is capable of doing multiple things to effect winning when he is on the floor. McNeeley plays at a such a mature pace, very unselfish, has the ability to handle the ball, create his own shot, and an elite switch defender that is able to guard every position on the floor. The rising junior can literally play at any position and is just an outstanding overall basketball player. Liam is also an asset on the glass, has the ability to block shots, and will space the floor with his three-point shooting ability.

2024 F Liam McNeeley at the 2022 Nike EYBL Peach Jam

2023 F Justin Edwards (Imhotep Charter, PA) – The city of Philadelphia is not new when it comes to producing talent and rising senior Justin Edwards should be next up. The future Kentucky Wildcat has blossomed into arguably the number one prospect in the class over the last year or so and is truly the number one wing in the 2023 class. The 6-foot-7 forward has polished into an elite long term prospect and just holds multiple skills. His length is definitely an eye-opening physical attribute at first glance. Edwards holds a 6-foot-10 wingspan, is a capable wing shooter, and an all around 3-level scorer. He has the handles to create plays for himself offensively, rebounds at a high rate, and the athletic ability. His scoring versatility is what NBA scouts have admired about him the most outside his length. Edwards is very productive when on the floor and should be able to showcase his talent next season when he is in Lexington.

2023 F Justin Edwards Junior Season Highlights

2023 PG Isaiah Collier (Wheeler, GA) Despite being out with an injury for a couple months this grassroots season, Collier has solidified himself as an elite top ten overall prospect in the country regardless of class. He has been considered the number one point guard in the 2023 class by most and the number one overall prospect as well. He is a 6-foot-4 point guard and is the definition of a floor general at the position. Isaiah loves passing the ball much more than he loves scoring. He makes excellent reads, has the positional size, a flashy playmaker at times, and really plays with a lot of poise. He is also an underrated defender, finishes through traffic when finishing at the rim, and has improved on his three-point jump shot. Collier certainly holds the skills to score the ball, but he is such a willing passer and creates scoring opportunities for his teammates at a very high rate. NBA personnel are already keeping tabs on the elite floor general as we speak.

2023 PG Isaiah Collier’s 32-point game (Junior Season)

2023 F Matas Buzelis (Sunrise Christian, KS) NBA scouts and general managers have already been keeping tabs on this kid for a couple years now. Matas Buzelis, who is already committed to play for the G-League Ignite after his senior season at powerhouse Sunrise Christian, fits the modern NBA forward. He is a high versatile 6-foot-10 do-it-all type forward. He has the next level wingspan, can handle the ball well for his size, and a willing passer at the forward position. He is also able to score in a variety of ways. He can space the floor with his perimeter shooting, has the ability to beat his defender off the dribble, plays at his own pace, and is effective defender also getting in the passing lanes for steals. The rising senior also has proved to utilize that wingspan to be a force in the paint by blocking shots. Buzelis is without a doubt one of the top ten overall prospects regardless of class due to his long term potential and just overall talent.

2023 F Matas Buzelis at the Nike EYBL Kansas City Session

2024 G Tre Johnson (Lake Highlands, TX) When one of the greatest basketball players of all time is impressed with your game than you know you are something special. That is how LeBron James felt after watching Tre Johnson this past July at the 2022 Nike EYBL Peach Jam down in North Augusta, South Carolina. Tre Johnson has already been considered the number one prospect in that loaded 2024 class after an eye-opening junior high school season and grassroots season playing up his grade level. He is a 6-foot-6 versatile guard with an electric feel to his overall game. Tre is a prolific scoring guard that is just wired to score, holds nice lengthy arms, and elite athleticism. Johnson is a confident rangy three-point shooter and holds a nice release on his jumper. Tre’s combination of size, length, and scoring abilities is what NBA scouts and personnel have admired so far about him and we will certainly be eager to watch his growth over the next few years.

2024 G Tre Johnson Junior Season Highlights

2025 C Cameron Boozer (Columbus, FL) Cameron Boozer, the son of former NBA veteran Carlos Boozer, is already one of the main overall prospects ranked in that 2025 class. The 6-foot-10 forward is one of the most powerful prospects in the country regardless of class. Cameron holds an elite physical mature frame already at a young age, a force inside the paint, and an already outstanding floor runner. He has great hands which helps him secure passes from guards, already has that next level strength, power, and able to finish plays with explosive dunks around the rim. Boozer’s frame just empowers over most of his competition and has showcased he is capable of hitting a few mid-range jumpers as well when forced outside the paint. He certainly will have some more growing to do as his game evolves but it is without question that he is one of the top ten prospects in the country regardless of class.

2025 C Cameron Boozer Freshman Highlights

2023 PG Freddie Dilione (Word of God, NC) My one bonus sleeper prospect? A year ago around this time, Freddie Dilione was just a household name out of the state of North Carolina, but that has now changed since then. The future Tennessee Volunteer is still sort of underrated and does not receive as much national attention as he should be receiving. The 6-foot-6 point guard has honestly taken the country by storm and has earned the attention of at least some NBA scouts over the last few months. He has some Cade Cunningham-like flashes but obviously not on the level of Cunningham just yet. He is a big guard that consistently is able to utilize his size when driving by his defenders. Dilione makes terrific reads, never seems rushed, and an elite passer. He is very unselfish when he posses the rock and is another one of those prospects who holds an elite combination of skill and size. Freddie should continue to receive high praise from next level scouts as he grows over the next few years.

2023 PG Freddie Dilione 33-point game (Junior Season)

2025 Koa Peat (Perry, AZ)
2024 Flory Bidunga (Kokomo, IN)
2024 Bryson Tucker (IMG Academy, FL)
2024 Naas Cunningham (Overtime Elite)
2023 Wesley Yates III (Beaumont United, TX)
2024 Asa Newell (Montverde Academy, FL)
2024 Isaiah Elohim (Sierra Canyon, CA)
2024 Trentyn Flowers (Combine Academy)
2023 Omaha Biliew (Wakuee, IA)
2023 Xavier Booker (Catherdal, IN)
2023 A.J. Johnson (Donda Academy, CA)