Class of 2023: Potential One-and-Dones

The 2023 class has finally reached their end in terms of their high school careers and all will now move on to the college basketball scene. Now this class is not as deep, but here we take a look at which prospects in the 2023 class have the potential to be a one-and-done and could see themselves entering the 2024 NBA Draft come next June. Everyone’s journey will be different and this list is just a prediction. As time goes along, some prospects will adjust to the college level play faster than others and everyone’s road to the NBA will be different.

D.J. Wagner photo by Gregory Payan

D.J. Wagner (Kentucky) – DaJuan Wagner Jr. is headed off to play for head coach John Calipari and Kentucky for this upcoming fall. NBA scouts and personnel have kept their eyes on DJ for the last few years and will continue to do so throughout his freshman season in Lexington. He is a 6-foot-3 guard that can score in bunches and will bring instant offense to any team he plays for. Wagner is a prolific scoring guard that can score from all levels of the floor, holds such a crafty finishing ability, elite quickness with the ball, and is an impressive prospect on the defensive end of the floor. His instincts on defense never goes unnoticed and that could possibly separate him from other high end prospects that could enter the NBA Draft come next summer.

Matas Buzelis photo by Dan Fritz

Matas Buzelis (G-League Ignite) – The G-League Ignite program has been good so far over the last couple of years with getting young highly rated prospects to come straight out of high school and into the NBA system early. Past highly rated prospects like Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Isaiah Todd, Jaden Hardy, Scoota Henderson, and London Johnson are names that have passed up on college and sign with the NBA’s G-League Ignite. Matas signed a one year deal with Ignite and should be one of the most watched NBA prospects next season by scouts, general managers, and personnel. He is a 6-foot-10 do-it-all type of forward. Buzelis has a solid handle for his size, can spread the defense with his outside shooting, ability to pass, block shots, and rebound at a high level. He certainly fits the modern NBA forward and should see himself on the NBA Draft board come June.

Justin Edwards photo by Michael Clubb, Lexington Herald-Leade

Justin Edwards (Kentucky) – Justin Edwards has emerged as a legit NBA prospects over the last few years. His growth and development has been incredible to watch and I am certain NBA scouts and personnel would agree. He is a 6-foot-7 wing with an elite 6-foot-10 wingspan and has consistently showcased his abilities on the court. Edwards is extremely impactful on the floor and has the ability to do multiple things when on the floor. Outside of his scoring skills, he is able to rebound the ball, make the right passes, consistently snagging steals getting in the passing lanes, and could be considered an explosive finisher. Edwards could be a legitimate 3-and-D type of wing for an NBA team coming in the near future.

Isaiah Collier photo by Ed Turlington

Isaiah Collier (USC) – Isaiah Collier is expected to run the point guard responsibilities once he steps foot on campus at USC in Southern California. he 6-foot-4 point guard is arguably the number one prospect in the 2023 class and is certainly the number one legit point guard in the class. NBA scouts and personnel should be at most of the USC games coming up next season with Collier running the show. Let us not be surprised if the incoming freshman leads the nation in assists. His game is certainly next level with his ability to pass the ball and make the right reads. Isaiah holds elite quickness, can get coast-to-coast in a blink of an eye, an outstanding distributor.

Omaha Biliew photo by Dan Fritz

Omaha Billow (Iowa State) – Omaha Biliew is a prospect that NBA scouts and personnel should keep tabs on over the next year or so. He is an intriguing long term prospect that could open more eyes coming into his college career next season. He is a 6-foot-9 forward with an already college ready frame, plays with such a high motor, can help crash the boards, a strong finisher around the rim, and a versatile defender. Omaha’s offense can definitely improve, as it should over time, but he has the ability to hit shots from the second or third level. He is an athletic forward that can guard all positions and that should showcase next season in the Big 12 Conference and beyond.

Aaron Bradshaw photo by Dan Fritz

Aaron Bradshaw (Kentucky) – Aaron Bradshaw is considered the best big man in the 2023 class and just like his high school teammate, D.J. Wagner, he will also be headed to Lexington to play for Kentucky. The 7-foot-0 big man has shown impressive flashes over the last few months and hopefully can bring that momentum to Lexington to show NBA scouts what he is capable of for the next level. Bradshaw holds an elite wingspan, an interior intimidator with his ability to protect the rim, an extreme lob threat, and a glass cleaner on the boards. He gives Clint Capela comparisons with his slim frame and long arms. Aaron has also been able to show he can convert on jumpers from the mid-range and perimeter level as well.

Bronny James photo by McDonald’s All American

Bronny James (Uncommitted) – Being the son of LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player ever to play the game, is not easy, but Bronny James Jr. has handled the situation extremely well during his high school years. His growth and development over the last few months has been tremendous and NBA scouts and personnel are starting to take him much more serious. James Jr. is an elite positional perimeter guard at 6-foot-3 with a great feel for the game, will space the floor with his incredible outside shooting, will make plays on defense, and has the athleticism . Bronny has the ability to impact winning on both ends of the floor and that has certainly snatched scouts attention at the next level. Will be interesting to see how his development plays out, as he can potentially be in college for just a season.

Ron Holland photo by Duncanville

Ron Holland (Texas) – Ron Holland is one of the most energetic prospects, if not the most energetic prospect, in the 2023 class. NBA scouts and personnel have been super impressed when watching Ron play over the last few weeks and his game is nothing new to the national media that has covered him over the years. He is a legit 6-foot-8 prospect that plays with such a high motor, holds elite athleticism, explosiveness, consistent finisher around the rim, and has shown shades of knocking down jumpers. Holland is a slasher, versatile defender, and active rebounder. His offensive game seems to be coming together, and if he can consistently prove he is a reliable floor spacer with his perimeter shot-making, then he could see himself as a first round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.