2024 Prospects: Potential Stockrisers

The 2022-2023 high school season has come to a close as we now enter the grassroots season for this spring, summer. As the NCAA live period approaches and players get with their AAU squads, here we take a look at a list of prospects that I have potentially boosting their stock over the next few months. There can be a plethora of names added to this list as the next few months go along.

V.J. Edgecombe (Long Island Lutheran, NY) – V.J. Edgecombe made his name known as the beginning of the 2022-2023 high school season kicked off, making his debut in the NIBC and his new Long Island Lutheran team. The 6-foot-5 guard made the move from Florida to New York and has blossomed into an interesting prospect. Edgecombe plays with amazing energy on the court. He is an elite defender, has the athleticism, always active in passing lanes, moves well without the ball, and is capable of knocking down jump shots from all over the floor. His motor is elite and he certainly is an impactful playmaker on both ends of the floor. His offers include Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Miami, Villanova, Wake Forest, and more.

Ahmad Nowell (Imhotep Charter, PA) – Ahmad Nowell is one of the most toughest guards in the country and he has certainly showcased that plus more on the floor consistently. When talking Philadelphia basketball, the word toughness will always be in the conversation. Nowell, out of Imhotep Charter (PA) in Philadelphia, is coming off a stock boosting type of junior season and he should bring that same momentum into the grassroots season. He is a 6-foot-0 guard who can create his own offense, convert on jumpers, and finish through bigger defenders at the rim. Ahmad is a scrappy defender and always seems to put pressure on ball handlers. He holds offers already from Tennessee, Ohio State, Villanova, Louisville , UCLA, Maryland, Seton Hall, Arizona State, and more.

Del Jones (Huntington Prep, WV) – The DMV area has always been known for their elite talent when it comes to basketball players and junior guard Del Jones is one of those prospects out of the DMV who should continue to see his stock go up hill from here as long as he continues to put in the work. He is a 6-foot-1 shifty point guard with dynamic shot-making skills, a fearless player, a scrappy defender, and has shown he can set up his teammates for scoring opportunities. Del also holds elite athleticism and has showcased that when going for explosive finishes at the rim. Ole Miss, Clemson, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Oregon, UCF, and more high major have offered Del Jones up to this point.

Asa Newell (Montverde Academy, FL) – Asa Newell is another one of those intriguing long term prospects apart of that loaded 2024 class. Coming off his junior campaign with powerhouse Montverde Academy, Newell is looking to progress his game coming into his senior season and beyond. He is a 6-foot-9 forward who has the ability to stretch defenses with his perimeter shooting and holds an elite wingspan with his long arms. Asa also can finish inside around the rim and certainly makes his presence known defensively with his ability to block shots. He holds offers currently from Michigan, Auburn, Indiana, Texas, Kansas, LSU, and more.

C.J. Brown (Kell, GA) – One of the top sleeper prospects college coaches should take a run at this grassroots season, C.J. Brown out of the Atlanta, Georgia area. The 6-foot-2 guard is an above the rim playmaker and a high flying prospect with elite athleticism. Brown has the quality size, plays with consistent toughness on the floor, has that competitive edge, and high motor that does not go unnoticed. He has the ability to make shots, aggressive attacking the rim, holds good body control to finish in traffic, and capable of some slithery finishes. C.J. already holds a few offers but that list should grow as the spring, summer months approach.

Jaiden Glover (The Patrick School, NJ) – One of the hidden gems in the 2024 class, Jaiden Glover is looking to secure his name as one of the top prospects in his class. Glover has shown much more confidence in his abilities throughout his junior season with The Patrick School (NJ). He holds elite size at the wing spot at 6-foot-6, an excellent perimeter shooter, holds good length, athleticism, and is capable of being or at least becoming an all level scoring threat. The rising senior has had multiple offers throughout his junior campaign, getting looks from Villanova, West Virginia, Maryland, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, UAB, UNLV, Butler, Illinois, and more.

Trent Perry (Harvard-Westlake, CA) – One of the best high quality point guards in the 2024 class, Trent Perry, should see his stock continue to rise over the course of these next few months during the grassroots season. He is a 6-foot-4 high quality point guard that just simply knows how to operate and offense for a team. Trent has the ability to hit jumpers off the catch and/or dribble, reliable when taking shots, plays at his own pace, sees the floor well, and is not afraid to drive to the rim finishing through traffic. The rising senior guard recently helped Harvard-Westlake (CA) secure a CIF state title this past season. He is one of the most undervalued prospects in the entire country and could be a huge help leading a program to the NCAA tournament.

Isaiah Abraham (Paul VI, VA) – Isaiah Abraham was a prospect in the 2024 class that started to certainly catch buzz during the last spring, summer grassroots season. This grassroots season should be no different and maybe even better for the rising senior. Abraham is a 6-foot-7 wing who I feel like should receive much more attention over the next few months. He played a huge role in the success of Paul VI (VA) this past high school season. Isaiah is impactful on both ends of the floor, could be a glue guy on the college level, can spread the floor with his outside shooting, and a solid versatile defender. He holds multiple high major offers already and will add to the list over the course of the spring, summer.

Bishop Boswell (Myers Park, NC) – One of the most undervalued prospects in the 2024 class, Bishop Boswell is looking to boost his stock even more throughout this grassroots season. The 6-foot-4 point guard is coming off a state championship run with Myers Park (NC) during his junior season. He is a quality point guard with positional size, has the ability to finish around the rim, reliable shot maker, and a physical perimeter defender. Boswell has a nice mature frame which helps him when making strong finishes inside. He is able to facilitate the rock just as much as he is able to score. He holds a few high major offers currently and should soon add to his list as the next few months pass along.

Billy Richmond (Camden, NJ) – Billy Richmond is one of the few prospects who seen his stock boost already over the course of the 2022-2023 high school season with Camden (NJ). The 6-foot-6 forward has had plenty eye-opening performances over the last few months and should receive much more attention this grassroots season. He holds gifted athleticism, utilizes his length on both ends of the floor, plays with incredible energy, and holds explosiveness in his game. Richmond already has high major offers from Kentucky, Kansas State, Louisville, Memphis, and others. The rising senior should be one of the nation’s biggest stockrisers by August.

Jonathan Powell (Centerville, OH) – One of Ohio’s top prospects in the 2024 class, Jonathan Powell had himself a stellar 2022-2023 high school season with Centerville (OH). The 6-foot-6 wing should see his stock rise over the course of the spring and summer circuit. He already holds offers from Ohio State, Alabama, Cincinnati, Illinois, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and more. Powell holds positional size, an elite perimeter shot maker, a quick trigger release on his jump shots, and sneaky athletic. His shot preparation and off-ball movement is also one of the qualities he holds in his game. The rising senior could see himself playing playing at the next level in a few years.

Taj Degourville (Durango, NV) – Taj Degourville is a prospect that caught my eye last grassroots season and then earlier in the high school season. He is a 6-foot-5 high motor prospects that college coaches should take notice even more over the next few months. He is a versatile guard/forward that can basically guard all positions, plays with great toughness, an elite competitor, and is capable of doing multiple things on the floor. Taj is the type of prospects that “does the little things” for his team. He can rebound, make the right pass, capable of hitting shots, and defend at a high level. He currently holds offers from schools like VCU, California, UNLV, Nevada, San Diego State, Utah State, and more.